Serving Granbury and Greater Texas

Willow Mark Therapy PLLC

Willow Mark Therapy PLLC

Serving Granbury and Greater Texas


 We are a group of Counselors, Coaches, and Creatives who believe therapy should not be weird, boring, or uncomfortable. 

Want things different?

Good-So do we...


We combine your wants, our expertise, and creative solutions to help you reach your goal. You deserve support that fits your level of need, personality, situation and goals.

Life and healing are holistic, and no one method works for everyone.

We believe

Therapy shouldn’t be boring or weird.
It should feel right to you!

Therapy is not just a process, it's an experience. It is a chance to explore ourselves and our relationship to the world in a supportive, compassionate, and accepting environment. 

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Office Manager

Megan Peters

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Russell Payne

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Maggie Stephan

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“One-size fits all” doesn’t work in clothing and especially with the therapy you deserve. I invite you to learn you are enough. You can have the life you want.


Anna Skaggs

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People don't care how much you know, until they know how how much you care!


Frank Roberson

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I believe in you. You have the strength and ability to overcome anxiety and find the joy in your relationships. If you’re ready to find solutions and move forward, we can do it together. 



Meet Our Team

Real change is personal, understanding, and supportive. Because change happens in small steps over time.

Smart enough to know that life is better when you feel confident and connected with yourself and others.

Smart enough to know you want to live true to what’s on the inside of you.

Smart enough to know what you say to yourself isn’t very nice.

It’s time to show up and embrace who you are. To acknowledge just how darn smart you are!

What we believe

(Not one-size fits all)

Specific to your Goal

(Not pushing any agenda)

Respectful of Your Values

(Not seriously stuffy)

Relatably Humorous

(Not sugar-coated hard topics)

Honest & Genuine

(Not cold and distant)

Warm & Engaged

Therapy with us is -

It’s not tailored to you, to your context, to your situation, to what you are feeling, or what you want exactly.

And while nothing is better than the support of family and friends.

They  don’t know what to do or say when panic and anxiety hit you or when your relationships are falling apart.

You don’t need generalized solutions. You don’t need to waste any more time getting to the place you want to be. 

But, their advice is for the masses.

Books and podcasts are quite helpful. I’m a big fan!

is not one-size fits all

Real Freedom

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You can find real freedom. You can live confident and connected.

You don’t have to keep feeling this way.

Start today

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