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Are you exhausted?
You just can't go through the turmoil anymore.

Individual therapy for relationship issues in Granbury, Texas

i'm ready for help

You thought you were finally on the right track, but now it seems like you're right back where you started. 

The cycle keeps repeating.
Better. Worse. Better. Worse.

the constant ups and downs

Walking on eggshells

The cold-shoulder

Snide remarks




The feelings come flooding back in...

Whether it’s your
spouse or romantic partner, parent or in-law, son or daughter,  friend or co-worker...

Only to find yourself hurt and disappointed, once again.

one minute you feel stable and in a good place - 

We all have heard the adage, “Leave your personal life at home.” What a falsehood! No way we can do that-
Every area of our life is affected when our relationships are out-of-whack.

Relationships are challenging and it’s difficult to function when there’s friction in your marriage, family, friendships, or workplace. 

I’m betting you’d find life a lot more enjoyable if you could.

And that’s exactly what we want for you.

develop meaningful connections

increase emotional safety

calm your negative emotions

communicate effectively 

develop possible solutions

identify the real issue

 We want you to enjoy your family. Love hanging out with friends and finding satisfaction at work. By working together you could...


What if

Let’s break the cycle. We can do it together.

Develop meaningful connections with those who matter most

Increase confidence through small consistent steps 

Learn to give the “Gift of Understanding”

Build healthy methods to manage conflict

See the other as a partner, not as an enemy

Want to spend time together

therapy can help you:

let's work together

you can do it

Life is found in the act of bravery. We can take the first step together.

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