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Willow Mark Therapy PLLC

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Do you wonder if
you'll ever feel
"Okay or Normal”

Counseling for Trauma in Granbury, Texas

you're not alone

You think about it at work, you withdraw from family and friends, you try to buffer yourself from the world and the hurt. 

And you feel
consumed with
what you've gone through?

You’ve experienced trauma-

chronic bullying & harassment

Witnessing an Accident or death

acts of Terror


domestic abuse or violence 

abandonment & neglect

sexual violence

Life-threatening circumstance

Trauma can include a wide range of situations:

Over 50% of people experience at least one trauma in their lives. 

have a sense of doom

struggle to sleep

are depressed

Feel overly angry

retreat and isolate

are always on guard

don't feel safe

Maybe you...


Trauma can disrupt our lives.


 It can give you the opportunity to face your fears in a safe space and learn coping skills that can help you function on a day-to-day basis.

Trauma can instill fear and cause you to avoid people, places, or things that remind you of the traumatic experience, which can make it difficult for you to function. 

We can make changes that empower you. Like- noticing what you’re good at. How no one else can do it like you. And offering yourself grace and compassion.

If this sounds like you, Willow Mark Therapy can help.

Trauma therapy can help you address the traumatic event and process your feelings and emotions. 

We know that the experience of trauma can profoundly affect someone’s psychological, social, physical, occupational, and financial functioning.

Whether it’s caused by a one-time event, an ongoing or long-lasting situation therapy can help you. It can provide you with the support and validation you might need toward a healthier happier life.

While not all trauma survivors experience long-term negative consequences, 

we can help

What happened to you is not who you are.
Are you ready to move forward?

It could be key to changing your life.

start today

Believe in your capacity to heal

Create the future you desire

Discover your strength

Increase safety

Find peace

therapy can help you:

Gain new ways

develop healthy boundaries

Show compassion
to yourself

 you could...

what if

start today





STOP reacting

The results


You are

Recognize. Value. Believe.

schedule  now

There is hope and you can move forward towards happiness again. 

Willow Mark Therapy can walk you through your trauma to a place of healing and hope.

You don’t have to live life feeling lost in your trauma.

start today

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