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Like you have to protect yourself all the time? If so, you probably feel the effects of anxiety. More times than not, our thinking steers us wrong! Keeping us in a pattern of reacting to the present with inaccurate information. It's time to take control of your alert system.

Do you live on high alert?

therapy services to help with anxiety

Maybe what triggers you is a memory, person, social event. Maybe you worry?

- If a person is mad at you.
- If you did something wrong.
- If you said something stupid.

Or are you afraid of being hurt again?

All you really want right now is the exit.

your stomach sinks, heart rate quickens, chest constricts, and mind races. 

Wouldn’t that make all your hard work worthwhile?

What if you could make a better decision with better information? What if you could see the difference between today versus the past. What if you could act in the face of fear and find the confidence to connect?

Would it mean -
- Making sense of your feelings
- Having conversations without excessive worry
- Knowing you are enough--that you don’t have to defend yourself

And what if it meant-
- You could walk into the crowded room with confidence
- Calm, composed, and certain of who you are.

but, you don’t have to fall victim to a poor alert system

It trains you to control emotion by pulling back, by avoiding. It advises you to cope by accepting your life as limited, as powerless. It leaves you believing there is only one way to think. One way to respond.

See, your brain is constantly protecting you from danger, detecting the slightest hint of risk. It signals - are you safe? Can you trust?

Thankfully, you have the smarts to determine your safety needs. The problem is our brain doesn’t always get it right. Actually, more times than not, our thinking steers us wrong! Keeping us in a pattern of reacting to the present with inaccurate information.

Anxiety increases distance, distrust, and disconnection.

Don’t let                steal one more day from you.

Develop meaningful relationships with those who matter most

Increase your confidence through small consistent steps

Give and receive the respect you deserve

Offer greater grace and compassion to yourself

Learn to calm and quiet your anxious thoughts

Gain insight into the beliefs holding you back

Therapy can identify the way anxiety shows up in your life.

How it helps

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The results


Believe you are enough

Increase your confidence

Value your unique self

Recognize your strengths

therapy can help you:

You are

Recognize. Value. Believe.

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You can find real freedom. You can live confident and connected. Let's talk during a free consultation to discuss the best therapy for you.

You don't have to keep feeling this way.

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