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A Gift for Father’s Day

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Father’s Day is just around the corner, but please don’t panic because you’ve just been reminded!   The beginning of summer is such a busy time, what with school being out, graduations, and other holidays that we have just celebrated.  Father’s Day has a way of sneaking up on us and catching us off guard, and right in the middle of taking that deep breath because we made it through the month of May!  And while we don’t mean to, sometimes Father’s Day can be treated like a bit of an afterthought.  But you know, in some ways, that’s exactly how a lot of fathers want it to be.  While it’s great to have a day set aside to remember us and celebrate fatherhood, a lot of dads don’t want a big deal made out of what they do.  Oh, we like getting a card, and maybe a special meal (think BBQ) and maybe an afternoon of solitude to watch our favorite sport or movie, most fathers just like the satisfaction that comes from knowing that their spouse is happy, their kids are successfully growing to adulthood, and that, on occasion we can do an activity that we enjoy by ourselves our with a buddy!   But at times, fatherhood can be a lonely place too, where we feel like the weight of the world is on our shoulders, we have all these people around us whom we have to please, and that we constantly have to get better and better to keep our jobs and maintain our homes.  At times, no one seems to understand our struggles, or care.  But a LOT of that isolation fathers experience is self-imposed, because we don’t want those around us to know our burdens or concerns.  We believe that it is our duty as fathers to bear the weight of our responsibilities in silence, and that any expression of fatigue may throw our world into chaos, and demonstrate weakness.  So, I want to propose an idea for this coming Father’s Day.  It doesn’t cost anything, won’t take a lot of time, but may pay immeasurable dividends.  At some point on June 18, when you’re with the father in your life (whomever that may be) simply look them in the eye and ask them, “How ya doin’ dad?”  Now understand, all you may get back is a grunt, or “Fine!”, but just the fact that you care enough to ask, and give the man in your life an opportunity to tell you how he’s feeling, can be a revolutionary experience for a lot of men!  Also understand that if he really tells you, he doesn’t need you to fix anything for him, but just listen and give him a chance to ease his burden a little.  Then also, take time to ask him the same thing a few times throughout the year.  Whether they say it or not, it’s nice for them to know you care for them too!

Jennifer caudle, lpc
founder of willow mark therapy pllc

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